Gymetrics is active in the development, manufacture and marketing of single-use bioreactors for pharmaceutical, food and medical bioprocessing applications.In an evolutive environment with an increased demand, we aim to be responsive, versatile and innovative.Our corporate culture is focused on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction:

Increase customer satisfaction by taking into account their requirements

  • Minimizing delivery times for our customized product offering,
  • Insist on transparent communication with our customers,
  • Constant search for quality optimization through innovation,
  • Ensure the quality of our products through quality control and

Focus our performance approach through continuous improvement

  • Underpinning our quality management system with meaningful performance indicators
  • To step up our innovation approach with to improve customer experience
  • Controlling costs and delays through internalization of production.

Putting our human capital and environmental values at the heart of our strategic development

  • Continually develop and promote skills
  • Process innovation in terms of quality, productivity and responsiveness
  • Focus on the closest sourcing to limit our carbon footprint

Our strength is based on our unique know-how and our unique offer. This allows us to stand out and reach a market with very specific requirements. We will continue to expand our knowledge base and activities to provide complete value-added solutions for our customers

Quality at Gymetrics is everyone’s commitment